Code samples for "Odata in the real world" presentation

by Van 23. November 2011 11:18 (4.71 mb)

Finally I am getting out my samples for my "Odata in the Real World" session which I presented at the Fall 2011 Richmond Code Camp, 2011 CMAP Code Camp and the November meeting of the Richmond .Net User Group. These samples contain 3 projects; one using Entity Framework, one using Linq to SQL and the last using POCO classes.

Introduction to Silverlight Session at Nova Code Camp 2011

by Van 23. November 2011 11:13

Silverlight (5.64 mb)


At last I am finally getting my code out for the Introductory Silverlight presentation I did at Nova Code Camp. Sorry this took so long but my life was disrupted flooding my basement. Another story for another day.

Updated Open XML Samples from my CapArea talk

by Van 8. August 2011 01:09 (2.62 mb)


Attached are my updated samples from my CapArea Talk.


Code Samples from the Creating custom Word and Excel Documents using Open XML Format Presentation

by Van 12. June 2011 21:25 (234.03 kb)

At last I am finally getting my code and slides out for the presentation I did at Richmond code camp XI “Creating custom Word and Excel Documents using Open XML Format”. Sorry this took so long but my life was disrupted when lighting hit the tree in front of my house. Another story for another day.


To get the libraries needed to run the attached code you must first go to:


At this link you will get:

OpenXMLSDKv2.msi – will add the libraries needed

OpenXMLSDKTool.msi – will add a tool to help evaluating office documents.


When using the Open XDML Sdk you will also need to add the following references to your project:




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Code Samples from the Silverlight and Odata Presentation

by Van 20. March 2011 23:25

Attached are the sample I used at Roanoke Code Camp on 3/12/2011 and at the Captial Area .Net User Group – Silverlight Special Interest Group. (3.15 mb) (3.01 mb)

Silverlight & Odata.pptx (289.34 kb)

Building software for Special Olympics - 4

by Van 30. January 2011 14:08


I have finally decided on a code name for my project it is Project Aqua.


The first step for me was to create a database. I had created a normalize data model years ago which is still valid, but I decided to follow the TDD methodology and only create what I need right now. This really goes against my 30 years of being in the software development business, but I really do have a due date and this will get me there faster.


We currently have the data we need for this application in Excel spreadsheets. Some of it comes from SOVA (Special Olympics Virginia). I decided for right now I am creating one table called Volunteers.


 Here is the Sql Server table I created:


Aqua Databsae

Building software for Special Olympics - 3

by Van 23. January 2011 15:04

My first task for Prince William Special Olympics (PWSO) is to create a Silverlight application to manage their Class A volunteers. Class A volunteers in Special Olympics Virginia (SOVA) are persons who have access to the athletes and have passed a background check. They can be coaches, chaperones, etc. Because the term of the Class A volunteer expires every 3 years, the first concern for PWSO is to determine which volunteers need a current background check.

This will be the first task of this new application. A couple of months ago I did some work with SketchFlow to determine some of the requirements. For the remainder of this project (still in search of a code name), I will try to use a Scrum Methodology and Test Driven Development (TDD).

The technologies I will be using are C#, Ado.Net Entity Framework 4.0, Silverlight and WCF RIA Services. I will also be using MVVM pattern and maybe the repository pattern. Keep following my blog to see how this project progresses.




Building software for Special Olympics - 2

by Van 9. January 2011 14:26

As a professional developer, I have been writing programs for my personal use for years.  However just this last year I realize that I would be better served if I would use the same disciplines personally that I use professionally. Therefore, earlier this year I started using the same disciplines for my personal projects that I use professionally.  The results were that it would take me longer to have something working, but it was a much better quality product (fewer bugs, easier to change). In general, all the things I know professionally to be true are even true on small projects. As I stated in my previous blog, I am creating some software for Prince William Special Olympics.  For this project, I am going to try to use good software practices. I will also chronicling this project on my blog.

Building software for Special Olympics

by Van 19. December 2010 22:30

For many years now I have been involved with Prince William Special Olympics(PWSO). My youngest son is Autistic and Special Olympics have been such a great organization for him that I decided to get involved. Over the last couple of years, I have set up their web site using DotNetNuke, auto generating reports using the Open XML framework, etc. I have for the last couple of months begun to work on what we’re calling the Prince William Special Olympics Information Management System (not a very original name, in fact I think I need one of those catchy Microsoft codenames).  I have begun collecting requirements for the first phase which is to manage our Volunteers. At the end of the project I am hoping to make it open source and have available to the community.  It may be something that the various “give camps” may have an interest in. 

Nova Code Camp 2010.2

by Van 13. December 2010 02:19

Thanks to everyone who attended my Nova Code Camp presentation. Since the code samples are the same as Richmond Code Camp, you can check out that blog post on for the samples.


During my talk I was asked by several people about accessing data in a SharePoint List. Since I have very limited knowledge about SharePoint, I answer the question by saying I believe that it was possible with SharePoint 2010. On my way home, I remembered that SharePoint 2010 allows you to make a list an Odata endpoint. With this in mind using my odata sample could be used just change the Uri to point to the odata endpoint for the SharePoint List.

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