Nova Code Camp 2010.2

by Van 13. December 2010 02:19

Thanks to everyone who attended my Nova Code Camp presentation. Since the code samples are the same as Richmond Code Camp, you can check out that blog post on for the samples.


During my talk I was asked by several people about accessing data in a SharePoint List. Since I have very limited knowledge about SharePoint, I answer the question by saying I believe that it was possible with SharePoint 2010. On my way home, I remembered that SharePoint 2010 allows you to make a list an Odata endpoint. With this in mind using my odata sample could be used just change the Uri to point to the odata endpoint for the SharePoint List.

MIX10 – Day Two

by Van 17. March 2010 15:10

The second day of MIX10 started with a Keynote. The day two keynote stated with the IE team. One of the main things they demonstrated is IE9 working with HTML5. Showing how IE9 with the new Window7 hardware can take advantage to it for better performance especially with video.  

The Gu was back again for the second day taking about The improvements in ASP.NET 4.0, ASP.NET MVC 2.0.

We then saw great demos with Odata using the new Netflix feed.

To finish up the keynote was Bill Buxton who did a great talk on Natural User Interfaces.

My first session of the day was “OData: There's a Feed for That”. This session talked about how “OData” started at MIX07 with a session on Project Astoria, It then became ADO.NET Data Services with Visual Studio 2008. This session show using “Odata” in Excel 2010 with the power pivot plug-in. They also demonstrated converting Sharepoint 2010 List into an OData feed.

My next session was “Developing with WCF RIA Services Quickly and Effectively”. This was favorite session of the day. They showed some very good real world examples for using RIA services. Show how to use the MVVM pattern; demonstrated using authorization; doing validations. The best part for me was when he demonstrated RIA service on the windows phone.


My last session of the data was “Implementing OData: How to Create a Feed for That”. He started off showing Pivot on top of “Odata”. The demonstration how you control your data that you expose as an “Odata” feed.

PDC09 – Day Two

by Van 19. November 2009 14:01

At the keynote; Steven Sinofsky talked about delivering Windows 7 to the marketplace. Then he talked about what’s coming next in IE9 and how IE is working on improving their ACID test scores. He then announce that all a PDC09 attendees will be receiving a brand new Acer laptop with Windows 7 64 bit; 2 gb of memory; with touch hardware (set up for developers).

Now Scott Guthrie, takes the stage. He announces Silverlight 4 beta is available for download. He shows some of the new features. They also added new sessions to show off the new features in Silverlight 4(there goes my perfectly planned schedule). Also .Net RIA Services (one of my favorite technologies) has been renamed WCF RIA Services.

Kurt DelBene then takes the stage and announces Office 2010 public beta and Sharepoint 2010 public beta is available for download.

As I planned I went to the Microsoft Silverlight 4 Overview; it was renamed because of the Silverlight 4 announcement.  They demonstrated the new features in Silverlight 4 such as Webcam support; printing support; the ability to build context menus and the addition of Rich TextBlock.


I was planning to go to a lunch session today; however it was canceled. In fact, I had planned two sessions on office today both have been canceled. It was just as well since there are 3 new Silverlight 4 sessions I now need to consider. Picked up t-shirts for the product teams and again looked at the HOL (Hands-on-labs).


For the next session I had 3 sessions on my schedule; the canceled office session; “ADO.NET Data Services: What’s New with the RESTful Data Services Framework”; “What’s New in Microsoft ASP.NET 4 Web Forms and Dynamic Data”. I choose the new session “Building Line of Business Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 4”. I saw demonstrated the data source window for the datagrid; VS2010 increase XMAL support including binding UI;  setting string formatting in the XMAL binding; binding to a command and a new interface for validation. There was more.


For the next timeslot; I had two sessions on my schedule “Microsoft AJAX Library, jQuery, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” and “Networking and Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight”. They had also added the new session “Improving and Extending the Sandbox with Microsoft Silverlight 4’. I decided to go to the networking session, because it is more in line with the application I am working on. I saw demonstrations on the improvements in RIA services; the new ClientHTTP networking stack and the TCP support now in Silverlight. Also the client policy files now have a template in VS2010.


For the last session I had “Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2: The New Stuff” on my schedule; I however decided to go to the (HOL).  But before I went to the HOL; I picked up my new laptop. I then went to the HOL on Entity Framework 4; I will be using this stuff on my next project. I did not finish it, but it was great.


This was a great day. (new free laptop)

Big News today Sharepoint 2010

by Van 19. October 2009 19:32

Today is the first day of the Sharepoint Conference 2009. You can checkout the key note at It looks like Sharepoint 2010 Beta 2 will be available in November.  It will be 64-bit only and will only run on Windows Server 2008 SP1. For more information check out Mary-Jo Foley blog (

Check these articles on developing Sharepoint with Visual Studio 2010 ( )

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